"Movement is life" - moshe feldenkrais

Jodie Krantz Feldenkrais exercise

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This magnificent process we call life is a miraculous thing. And movement is more than just a fundamental part of this, it’s inseparable from it. 

Physicists tell us that on a microscopic level, every atom is continuously vibrating. On an unthinkably huge, cosmic level the entire universe is continuously expanding.

Within the body, every thought, every sensation and every emotion involves motion.  Emotions and thoughts trigger subtle shifts in our breathing, our facial expressions, the movement of our eyes, most of which go undetected by our conscious awareness. 

Expanding our awareness of our bodily movements, thoughts and feelings gives us greater access to our inner world. While everything outside and inside of our bodies is in a state of perpetual flux, the one constant is awareness itself.

The Feldenkrais journey is not simply about improving our posture or easing pain and tension. It’s an invitation to become more conscious of the very essence of life – Awareness itself. 

Welcome to Awareness through Movement!

I know you will make some amazing discoveries along the way. Giving your ‘inner world’ the attention it deserves is deeply rewarding, reassuring and grounding. The opportunity to learn from your own experience is limitless, as we explore movement together in this beautifully simple yet profoundly life-changing way.

Flexible Bodies

Most people come to Feldenkrais with pain, stiffness or a physical restriction. Stretching and strengthening can work, but unless you change the movement patterns you might be strengthening the habits which caused the problem.

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Flexible Habits

A habit is something we can do on auto-pilot. This frees our mind to do something else simultaneously, like riding a bike whilst enjoying beautiful surroundings. However our habits need refreshing as our circumstances change.

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Flexible Minds

Movement, sensing, thinking and feeling (emotions) are all functions of the brain and nervous system. When you change one part of the system, the whole system changes. Changing your movements habits has many unexpected benefits.

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It's only a habit and a habit can be changed

Every day is an opportunity to start again

Jodie Krantz in class 2010

What are you working towards?

  • Confidence in Your Body
  • Ease, Joy and Balance in your Life
  • Life Long Learning
  • Flexibility to Adapt to Change
  • Simply Being Present

Our Feldenkrais Stories

How has Feldenkrais has changed your life?

"The Feldenkrais Method has transformed my body, my movement and my entire practice as a Physiotherapist. More than simply providing treatment and short term pain relief, I am now able to teach others how to help themselves."
"Outstanding results and a great experience. I've had individual and workshopped Feldenkrais sessions with Jodie as well as physio on a sports injury. She's a dedicated professional. Recommend without reservation."
"My experience learning Feldenkrais has been both enjoyable and beneficial. I now find simple tasks, e.g entering and alighting from my car, turning to look behind when reversing, getting down to sit or lie on the floor, and reversing those actions to sit or stand, so much easier, and painless!" I recommend this wonderful method to any who wish to retain, or regain, freedom of movement.
Movement is lifelife is a process.
Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”
Moshe Feldenkrais

With relaxed attention focus on the quality of our movements, updating habits which are no longer helpful.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit" Aristotle

The only impossible journey is the one you never start

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