Recruit the Glutes – Reduce Back and Hip Pain

The Glutes (gluteal muscles) are the largest most powerful buttock muscles. These muscles are frequently weak and yet may be simultaneously tight and painful.

Weakness or tightness of the glutes can lead to lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot problems and many other musculo-skeletal imbalances. The gluteals are also essential to pelvic stability.

This audio lesson will help you:

  • Find the brain – body connection to your glutes
  • Switch gluteal muscles on and off more easily and smoothly
  • Feel the two sides working separately and together
  • Reduce excessive tension in your back, buttocks, hamstrings and abdominal muscles
  • Treat one of the underlying causes hip and back pain
  • Find a more upright posture

Why strengthening exercises may not help

Strengthening exercises such as squats and lunges are often recommended. However, we may not be recruiting these muscles well on one or both sides, even whilst doing the right exercises. Moreover, if we are not using the gluteal muscles adequately during everyday activities such as walking and climbing stairs, they won’t get much stronger.

Once you really know what it feels like to engage these muscles consciously, you will be able to do strengthening exercises much more effectively – if you still need to.

By doing the lesson a few times you should find yourself starting to engage these muscles spontaneously, without having to think about it. You will also learn how to inhibit the muscles that interfere with engagement of the glutes.

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About the Presenter

Physiotherapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, Jodie Krantz, recorded this audio lesson at her classes in North Perth. Now you can do the lesson at home by downloading the recording.