Medical Cannabis and CBD – How to Apply in Australia

Medical cannabis became legally available in Australia a couple of years ago. Information about how to apply for it has been slow in trickling through to the general public. A lot of people who could potentially benefit from the medicine are unsure about the prescription process or whether they would be eligible. Several people I work with are already taking it and most have been reporting benefits of reduced pain, reduced anxiety and better sleep. As you know I'm neither a doctor, not an expert on medical cannabis, however many people I work with have chronic pain, including neuropathic pain. So I have done some research and put together this information to give you some…

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My Journey with Feldenkrais

Growing up I was never well coordinated, or good at sports. My body wasn’t something I was paying much attention to. I certainly never imagined that I would become a physiotherapist and movement educator. In my teens I was far more interested in the human brain. I was fascinated by how the mind works and indeed I still am. So following highschool I studied psychology at the University of Western Australia. The decision to transfer to physiotherapy happened almost by accident. During my second year of psychology I decided to do a massage course, and discovered I loved working with my hands. Despite my general lack of coordination, I learned that I was a very…

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Beyond Chronic Pain: a Personal Journey to Create Healthier Habits

Physiotherapist Jodie Krantz shares her healing journey towards a more satisfying and comfortable way of living within with her own body. Retracing her steps, Jodie invites you to join her on a challenge to improve your own quality of life and perhaps that of your nearest and dearest. I reached the age of 50 with my body in a condition better than many my age. Being a Physiotherapist I had always done some form of exercise. My weight was in the upper end of the healthy range for my height. I didn't smoke or drink to excess - ever. I'd always watched what I ate and 'listened to my stomach', stopping when I felt full. I considered myself very…

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