• Comfortable Sleep Postures: Enhancing Rest and Recovery
    Quality sleep is the cornerstone of overall well-being. In this article, we’ll explore various sleep postures and how they contribute to a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep supports brain and heart health along with all the body’s other major organs and systems. The way we position our bodies during sleep significantly impacts our… Read more: Comfortable Sleep Postures: Enhancing Rest and Recovery
  • To Stretch or Not to Stretch?
    To stretch or not to stretch? That is the question.  Stretching is the most common way people improve their mobility. While it can be helpful, stretching is not all it’s cracked up to be. Here we examine the pros and cons of stretching, including some common myths. We also consider some ways in which stretching… Read more: To Stretch or Not to Stretch?
  • Why the Feldenkrais Method
    Find out why we can all benefit from Feldenkrais lessons. Awareness is the key that opens the door to change. The Feldenkrais Method is a system of movement re-education, which improves the way we move, function, think and feel. It helps us refine and update our posture and movement habits by using our senses to… Read more: Why the Feldenkrais Method
  • Medical Cannabis and CBD – How to Apply in Australia
    Medical cannabis became legally available in Australia a couple of years ago. Information about how to apply for it has been slow in trickling through to the general public. A lot of people who could potentially benefit from the medicine are unsure about the prescription process or whether they would be eligible. Several people I… Read more: Medical Cannabis and CBD – How to Apply in Australia
  • My Journey with Feldenkrais
    Growing up I was never well coordinated, or good at sports. My body wasn’t something I was paying much attention to. I certainly never imagined that I would become a physiotherapist and movement educator. In my teens I was far more interested in the human brain. I was fascinated by how the mind works and… Read more: My Journey with Feldenkrais
  • Beyond Chronic Pain: a Personal Journey to Create Healthier Habits
    Physiotherapist Jodie Krantz shares her healing journey towards a more satisfying and comfortable way of living within with her own body. Retracing her steps, Jodie invites you to join her on a challenge to improve your own quality of life and perhaps that of your nearest and dearest. I reached the age of 50 with my body in… Read more: Beyond Chronic Pain: a Personal Journey to Create Healthier Habits
  • Flexible Habits
    We all have habits, and some of them are very useful. Consider the way we can drive a car or clean our teeth without making much conscious effort. Other habits are not very useful or even harmful such as constantly hunching the shoulders or poor posture at the computer. Holding the breath is a habit… Read more: Flexible Habits
  • My Feldenkrais Story: Helen Pendlebury
    For ten years Helen didn’t have a fixed address. She house-sat, stayed with family and friends, and lived in group homes. She also struggled on and off with chronic pain and mobility issues. She had tried Feldenkrais in the past and had left it behind due to shoulder pain.  More than two decades later, she found her way back to Feldenkrais and the effect on her physical and mental well-being has been transformational.
  • The Risks of Prolonged Sitting
    The Risks of Prolonged Sitting Prolonged sitting at a computer endangers your health Do you feel stiff and sore after prolonged sitting at a computer for a few hours? Along with poor posture, sitting at a computer can contribute to Occupational Overuse Injuries. These were previously called Repetitive Strain Injuries or RSI. Neck and shoulder… Read more: The Risks of Prolonged Sitting
  • Lengthen Your Hamstrings
    Lengthen Your Hamstrings Are your hamstrings long or short, tight or relaxed? Lengthening your hamstrings can help with running, kicking, sitting, bending and lifting more easily. Try this simple ‘Awareness Through Movement Lesson’ in the Feldenkrais Method to help lengthen your hamstrings. READ MORE about the difference between tight and short hamstrings. Lengthen your Hamstrings… Read more: Lengthen Your Hamstrings
  • Learning easy graceful movement through Feldenkrais
    Feldenkrais is about the impossible becoming possible, the possible easy and the easy graceful. Difficulties such as aches and pains or limitations in our strength, flexibility or coordination can motivate us to find new ways of moving that reduce the strain and restore a sense of wellbeing.
  • Jodie in Borneo February 2014
    Feldenkrais in the heart of Borneo. I recently had the privilege of travelling with Malaysian friends into the heart of the Borneo jungle to the land of the headhunters.
  • Jodie in India with Equal Health 2011
    Jodie in India with Equal Health 2011 Jodie Krantz traveled as a volunteer physiotherapist to the province of Tamil Nadu in southern India. Here she spent 2 weeks in Tiruchiparelli (Trichy) with a team of doctors, nurses, physios, dentists and opticians, providing much needed health service to extremely poor villagers. The trip was exceptionally well… Read more: Jodie in India with Equal Health 2011